Arief Johan

Associate, Strategic Development

Our Core Values

Be bold

Stand by your values. Don’t hide in the foxhole. Believe in yourself. Will what you want.

Be humble

Listen, even when it’s tough to hear. Take feedback seriously. Commit to changing for the better. Open hands > fists.

Be inclusive

Involve everyone in rebuilding. Be open to vulnerability. Reach out to people. Have compassion and empathy.

Be the example

Emerge stronger and lead the way. Bring solutions, not complaints. Be the change you want to see around you.

Be thriving

Seek gratitude and believe in resilience.

Kevin Chandra

Senior Associate, Investments

Ellie Ta

Associate, Capital Formation

Igar Raditya

Analyst, Strategic Development

Atika French

Senior Associate, Capital Formation

Amanda Cham

Associate Director, Strategic Operations