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Your next decade may go by faster than you think. Choose your teammates, projects and mission. Choose to have time well spent. We are 500 Global and our offices in Southeast Asia may give you exactly what you are looking for.

The Story So Far.

In 2010, a few of us believed that the revolution of Silicon Valley would be seen in every part of the world. In 2014, our little team embarked on a worldwide tour to get capital into Southeast Asian startups. We took the flights, the calls, the meetings. A lot of them.

Now, we are staring at the 300+ startups we funded, and a phone screen full of the most used apps that shape our society.

Grab. Bukalapak. Carsome. Carousell. eFishery. Some have grew to $1B+ unicorns with many more getting big real fast.

More importantly, they are serving hundreds and millions of people. From the cities to the edges of society, we are humbled by how these startups are uplifting our economies.

This global economic climate made it very clear that our future needs rebuilding. We’re betting that these startups will get that done.

How about you?

The Next Step

To ensure the right ideas and people get the resources they need, we have not only cemented our place in the earliest seed investment stages, we have also been setting up larger funds to support the companies as they scale from idea to exit.

Beyond capital, it is the expertise, network, and hands-on support to execute that matter the most – we know that’s a lot of work!

This is why we’re starting with building the strongest tight-knit team of long-term players we can possibly build. We’re building this to serve our founders better. So, they can go on to serve everyone else, and define the decade to come.

If what you’ve read so far doesn’t scare you, read on.

Who We Are

Oh, you may have guessed by now we are a venture capital firm. We call ourselves 500 Global. Founded in Silicon Valley, our firm manages > $2.7 Billion of investments in 2,700+ startups in 81 countries. The $1B+ unicorns? We’ve 49 of them at the time of writing. We’re recognized as a leading investor in Southeast Asia’s unicorns, and we back them early.

We’ve > 200 team members across 20 locations around the world. Our HQ is in Palo Alto, California.

This voice you’re reading now is the team that leads 500 Global’s Southeast Asian activity. We’re hiring in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines as well.

The team vibe can best be described as small tight-knit teams with like-minded comrades in every corner of the world. We’re not confined to being a ‘small shop’, neither are we bureaucratically big. Working with us means you experience the joy of deep collaboration, genuine friendships with the people you work with, the challenge of pioneering the ‘never been done before’, self-directed, high speed work, while having additional global exposure, collaboration and support.

Most of all, we take care of each other as humans first, colleagues second, and prioritize personal rejuvenation and self-care, as much as we prioritize professionalism and self-drive. To us, these are twin turbines towards long-term success.

Who You Are

You are a fellow human being who might not feel like you fit into a ‘large company’, yet you are fueled by a large ambition.

You like working independently, but love having a small team of folks who understand, support and help you grow.

You want to push boundaries, challenge yourself, but still want to dedicate time for rest, relationships, health, and having a fully expressed life outside of your passion for work.

That being said, you fall in love with your work. Your work is a direct expression of your gift to the world. If you’ve felt this flow before, you know the feeling. It feels even better when you’re in a team that feels the same.

Sounds like you? Let’s talk.

“It’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential.” – Barack Obama

Open Positions, Path to Partnership

Think of these open positions as starting points. We have team members (from both investing-related roles and non-investing) go on to become profit-sharing partners in the firm. We are building a pipeline for an institution that will outlast us all – and this requires development of future partners for the firm, like you.

500 Southeast Asia Team photo, taken during our Lunar New Year Reunion Dinner, February 2023

Questions & Answers

Isn't the economy turbulent, with major layoffs in some tech companies. Why are you still hiring?

Venture capital has historically had stellar performance during economic downturns. Consumers and enterprises tend to want cheaper, faster, better alternatives, and only the most hardy entrepreneurs endure to build lasting solutions. Companies like LinkedIn, Apple, Microsoft, Uber and many more stand today as examples.

As each venture fund we operate are 10-year vehicles, we plan our resources for the long-term, and for every season.

What is the venture capital industry about? What exactly is it that you do? Break it down for me.
What is it like to work in your team? What are the 'norms'?
Who are the leaders of the firm, how can I read up more about the leaders behind your company?
What's the application process going to be like? How long will I have to wait?
What does 'career home' mean? What is the long-term career plan for me?
What kinds of people succeed at 500 Global? I wonder if your company is for someone like me.
What does 'diversity' mean on your team?

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Still Curious?

Check out our portfolio companies making the news, daily. You may recognize some of our entrepreneurial leaders. See how our team members shape our culture. Catch our managing partners in action via Khailee’s recent speaking and writing and Vishal’s podcast and early journey to 500. Learn about 500 Global’s infrastructure, our ESG journey, and ongoing VC education program with Stanford. You might spend hours on this! Is that too much? It depends if you’re researching for a quick gig, or a decade of meaningful work you love. Stalk us to the bone. Then, come back to see if an open position is right for you right now.

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