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Managing Partner

Khailee Ng

Managing Partner

Vishal Harnal

Director, Strategic Development

Husain Albar

Associate Director, Strategic Operations

Amanda Cham

Manager, Marketing

Felicia Chia

Senior Manager, Strategic Operations

Eileen Liew

Senior Associate, Investments

Kevin Chandra

Associate, Strategic Development

Arief Johan

Analyst, Strategic Development

Igar Raditya

Associate, Strategic Development

Rachel Teow

Senior Associate, Capital Formation

Atika French

Associate, Capital Formation

Ellie Ta

Associate, Strategic Operations

Justin Chong

Executive Assistant

Cynthia Chin

Executive Assistant

Vikneshwaran Ganesan

Note that this is not a complete list of staff. The title “Partner” is used in accordance with customary business practice in the venture capital industry and does not indicate a legal status as a “partner” in a partnership.