500 Durians is now
500 Southeast Asia.

500 Durians is now
500 Southeast Asia.

Who We Are

500 Global is a global venture capital firm on a mission to discover and back the world’s most talented entrepreneurs, help them create successful companies at scale and build thriving global ecosystems. 500 Global is ranked as the most active global venture capital firm of 2019 in exits and by deal VC count.* To date, 500 Global has invested in over 2,500+ companies across 78+ countries.

Across Southeast Asia, the 500 Southeast Asia family of funds have backed over 250 companies across multiple sectors from internet to consumer to deep technology. We look to connect startup founders with capital, expertise and regional and global networks to help them succeed.


As of [February, 2021]

240+ Companies
8+ Countries
500+ Founders
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We create diversified tech portfolios.

500 Southeast Asia deploys a variety of fund strategies to create diversification in each of our core funds. We invest in more than 30 sectors per fund, and in specific themes and markets to provide a comprehensive view of markets and trends in Southeast Asia. This applies to our choice of founders, too. Our goal is to back the best, regardless of race, gender and background.

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We back the world’s most talented entrepreneurs.

500 is pleased to offer U.S. accredited investors* the opportunity to invest in one or more of our funds.

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We Give Founders More Than Capital

We typically invest US$50,000 to US$500,000 in founders based in or targeting Southeast Asia. But that’s not all. Once invested, from the vision, strategy, day-to-day challenges all the way to raising your next round, our dedicated Portfolio Support Team is always on call to meet your needs.

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Daily Markup

Daily Markup is our daily digest covering bite-sized news on our portfolio companies, as well as trends and insights from the 500 Southeast Asia team. They are plus / minus three pieces, curated & summarized so you’ll be done in under 30 seconds. This way, you can track your favorite companies, and start conversations with them ahead of time!

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