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Portfolio companies displayed on this page include current and former portfolio companies of 500 Southeast Asia, L.P., 500 Durians II, L.P., and 500 Durians III, L.P. which may have been acquired, undergone an initial public offering, or are no longer operating or have changed sector, region or technology. Some centaurs in the 500 Durians, L.P., 500 Durians II, L.P., and 500 Durians III, L.P. portfolio have not publicly disclosed their valuations and may not be listed on this page. This list is updated periodically and as such may not reflect recent investments. No content on this page should be considered as an offer to sell or solicitation of interest to purchase any securities, construed as fund marketing materials by prospective investors considering an investment into any 500 Global fund, or used as the basis for any investment decisions. All logos, names, and trademarks of third parties referenced herein are the trademarks and logos of their respective owners. Any inclusion of such trademarks or logos does not imply or constitute any approval, endorsement or sponsorship of 500 Global by such owners.