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<strong>Daily Markup #633: GoGet launches GoGet Recruit to provide gig workers with more ways to work, live, and succeed on their terms </strong>

Ching Yee Ho



Credit: Digital News Asia

Go Get More

  • Did you know that 500-backed skilled jobs platform GoGet was one of the first general purpose gig platforms in Malaysia to specialize in talents for blue collar, on-demand, short-term work? That was back in 2015.
  • Fast forward 7 years, Francesca Chia, co-founder & CEO of GoGet, continues to stand steadfast in her mission to empower gig workers with the freedom and resources to find a work arrangement that fits their needs.
  • Wait! But one thing has changed for GoGet. Francesca shares that only 30% of GoGetters — the affectionate name for GoGet’s gig workers — want on-demand runner jobs, while the majority are interested in roles such as administration, operations, sales & marketing, and logistics.
  • When Francesca and her team learned that their growing community of GoGetters are looking for roles beyond runner jobs, and that the valuable skill sets of GoGetters have been filling talent gaps for small-medium enterprises (SMEs), they thought ‘why keep GoGetters in a box?’
  • Introducing GoGet Recruit! Think of it as a GoGetters’ LinkedIn. GoGetters get to search for part-time and full-time roles; employers get to review the profiles of over 40,000 verified GoGetters, including their past job experiences, training/education level, location and ratings from past gigs. Today, GoGet has served over 7,000 businesses through its platform.
  • What’s Francesca’s ultimate goal? “To bring gig work to the same level as full time employment by creating similar benefits such as networking, upskilling, enjoying pension benefits and social security, while offering financial services such as savings, insurance and financial literacy.”
  • Read the full story on Digital News Asia.

Ching Yee Ho