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Daily Markup #622: Grab & Mastercard to give gig workers and small businesses in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam a boost

Ching Yee Ho




Credit: Grab

Big dreams do come true

  • Did you know that small businesses in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam contribute up to 60% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of these economies?
  • This motivated 500-backed superapp Grab and Mastercard to develop the “Small Business, Big Dreams” program to digitally upskill gig economy workers and small businesses in these 3 countries.
  • The regional program includes the launch of two online business courses for Grab’s driver- and delivery-partners aspiring to start new businesses, and small business owners seeking to grow in a competitive digital economy.
  • The goal? To enable small businesses to reach their full potential by supporting them in digitizing their operations and unlocking access to financial services — all to empower them to more effectively participate in the digital economy.
  • “Many Southeast Asians working in the informal sector aspire for more, but the reality is that a lot of them do not have the means or the opportunity to access quality training programs,” said Cheryl Goh, Group Head of Marketing and Sustainability at Grab.
  • “Through our partnership with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, we hope to give gig workers and small businesses a boost to get started. Our ‘Small Business, Big Dreams’ program will equip them with business knowledge and practical skills through a structured learning journey tailored to their needs and interest areas,” she added.
  • The two companies have engaged leading local small business experts, such as Tumbu, WISE, and Bayan Academy, to co-develop the online courses.
  • The program also features powerful and relevant insights from local industry experts and peer business owners, which is the preferred learning format indicated by driver-partners and small business owners when surveyed.
  • Read the full story on TechNode Global.

Ching Yee Ho