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Daily Markup #606: Tatler Asia Gen.T List 2022 has been announced! 9 leaders from 500-backed companies honored for shaping Asia’s future

Credit: Tatler

Tatler Asia’s Gen.T List 2022 is out! The 300 Gen.T honorees shaping Asia’s future include trailblazing entrepreneurs, creatives, and young leaders who are creating a positive impact in the region. They are from 8 countries and territories in Asia, and come from 18 different industries.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, many global challenges still lie ahead. But the rate of innovation has also accelerated, as we’ve seen with the rise of a new era of the internet, impressive breakthroughs across industries, and greater action against climate change. The 300 Leaders of Tomorrow on the Gen.T List 2022 are some of those leading the way, exploring new frontiers and solutions in technology, creativity, and leadership. They are Asia’s promising young leaders – and they are ready to help build a better world.” – Chong Seow Wei, Editor

We’re excited to share that 9 Gen.T honorees are from 500-backed companies! A huge congratulations to:

Aiko Reyes, Co-founder & COO of Peddlr, for allowing the smallest businesses to leverage the power of technology.

Ardelia Apti, CEO of Mapan, for using technology to further financial inclusion.

Dana von der Heide, Co-founder & CCO of Parcel Perform, for taking the pain out of e-commerce logistics.

Gibran Huzaifah, Founder & CEO of eFishery, for leading Indonesia’s aquaculture revolution.

Kaniyet Rayev, Co-founder & CEO of Appboxo, for helping companies unlock the power of mini-apps.

Khairul Anwar Mohamad Zaki, Co-founder & CEO of Pandai, for using technology to allow students to keep learning.

Kushal Patel, Co-founder & VP of Investments for Una Brands, for giving small e-commerce companies a chance to shine.

Nel Laygo, Co-founder & CEO of Peddlr, for helping micro-entrepreneurs transform digitally.

Zac Liew, Co-founder & CEO of Curlec, for helping businesses stabilize their cash flow.

Ching Yee Ho