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Daily Markup #578: Top stories in August on over US$60M raised to fight against inflation, for security, health, proptech, and more

The fighting spirit is #500strong in August!

DealCart to help Pakistan shoppers fight inflation by making daily essentials more affordable; Merkle Science to help companies and the government fight illegal crypto activities; 99 Group fights for proptech innovation in SE Asia through regional expansion; Prenetics launches the world’s first at-home blood kit to fight 50+ health issues. 

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Credit: Attentie Attentie on Unsplash
  • 99 Group raises US$52M to expand in Southeast Asia
  • Merkle Science secures US$19M to filter out creeps in crypto with proprietary blockchain technology
  • DealCart bags US$4.5M to serve Pakistan shoppers
  • Prenetics launches Circle Snapshot, the world’s first push-button & painless blood collection device
  • Bukalapak on ARK Invest’s podcast: Teddy Oetomo shares on leading financial inclusion and digitalization in Indonesia
  • Gilmour Space is set to make Australia the 9th country in the world to go into space
  • Carousell buys into the phone biz, acquires Laku6
  • Grab acquires MOVE IT to provide safer mobility & new income opportunities in the Philippines
  • Carsome & CIMB team up to launch Malaysia’s first auto financing app for dealers with one-minute approval times, and more
  • Ejen2u launches agent management platform to help SMEs and startups increase productivity & profitability through digitalization
  • Neuron Mobility provides support for the homeless
  • Koo fights air pollution
  • AUS & Tata Steel improves mine safety
  • Nas Academy partners Invisible College to launch Web3 courses that are practically free
  • Clinikk provides zero-cost medical care
  • eFishery on being climate change resilient
  • Mycotech Lab looks to mushrooms to create eco-friendly ‘leather’, inspired by tempeh
  • Haulio is people-first in a tech-led industry
  • Homage makes caring for loved ones easier
  • Hydroleap leaps forward after GIA program
  • Khailee Ng is ‘Highest Rated’ mentor
  • Vishal Harnal’s uplifting view of the downturn
  • Christine Tsai on CNN Marketplace Asia – investing in SEA, why founders shouldn’t go for the unicorn status

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