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Daily Markup #566: Gilmour Space is set to make Australia the 9th country in the world to go into space

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Credit: Innovation Aus

Reaching new heights

  • Ex-banker Adam Gilmour saw a lack of ambition in Australia in 2015 and decided he was going to inspire Australia by showing that even the impossible is possible.
  • Today, Australia is on track to become the 9th country in the world to go into orbit! 500-backed rocket company Gilmour Space Technologies is helping make that happen. The company is entering the final stages of preparation for its Eris launch vehicle, an Australian-designed and Australian-manufactured rocket that will be launching from Australian soil!
  • “When we first started, the government would come to our factory and say, why don’t you just make a component for foreign vehicles?” shared Adam Gilmour, Founder & CEO of Gilmour Space. “And we said no, we’re making the whole thing ourselves.”
  • Chief of Staff Nick Lindsay added, “We’re developing advanced rockets and satellites that are going to be less expensive, made right here in Australia, by Australians, with Australian raw materials.”
  • Did you know there are more satellites than there are available rockets and space on those rockets? This makes the potential for the Australian space industry limitless.
  • “If you look at the other [countries that have gone into space], it’s the US, China, Russia, Japan — countries that have massive economies compared to us. This is like the underdog stepping up to the plate on the world stage,” he said.
  • The company is also giving back by providing amazing real-world opportunities to engineering students. “Literally 6-12 months after someone graduates from university, we put them in charge of a major subsystem of the rocket, and they do a good job,” Adam enthused.
  • Watch the full documentary here.

Ching Yee Ho