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Daily Markup #507: Prenetics becomes first HK unicorn to list in the US; Untangling Web3 for investors; Clinikk program trains family physicians

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Credit: Prenetics

PRE on Nasdaq

  • “We have a significant opportunity to disrupt healthcare and make it more accessible to millions of people around the world — and we are only just getting started,” said Danny Yeung, CEO & Co-founder of 500-backed Prenetics.
  • He is, of course, talking about the company’s latest milestone — becoming Hong Kong’s first unicorn to list on the Nasdaq!
  • Now, what’s next for Prenetics? It’s sleep for Danny, and then it’s “hyper-growth mode”. In addition to new product launches, such as ColoClear, a non-invasive stool DNA test to detect colon cancer, and Circle Snapshot, an at-home blood test, he revealed that the company is also in acquisition talks with multiple companies in telehealth, men’s and women’s health, and specialist clinics.
  • Congratulations to the Prenetics team!
  • Read the full interview in Tatler Asia.

Credit: Shubham Dhage on Unsplash

Untangling the enigma of Web3 for investors

  • Web3 – a next version of the Internet-based on decentralized technology – is the talk of the town these days. Investor interest is high, but getting skin in the game is not so simple.
  • Vishal Harnal, Managing Partner of 500 Global, said it would take effort for new investors to break into the Web3 world. The venture capital firm has been investing in Web3 startups for some years.
  • He added that it’s easy to tell if someone is genuinely interested in Web3. “It’s up to the investors to take those steps and make efforts within those communities to show that value — that you can be of service to the companies and communities in some way, based on whatever your unique talents, skills or abilities are,” he shared.
  • To kickstart everyone’s understanding of the sector, the VC firm minted NFTs on OpenSea for its employees to claim. The catch? They have to figure out how to set up a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Read the full story on The Business Times.

Credit: Edward Jenner from Pexels

A grassroots approach to better health

  • OneWorld Family Doctor Day,  500-backed healthtech startup Clinikk celebrated by launching a family physician training program!
  • Clinikk provides primary healthcare services through its primary healthcare centers called Clinikk Health Hubs and through tele-consultation.
  • The 24-month program was designed for general physicians working in Clinikk to develop the skills and expertise required to become proficient family physicians in India.  
  • Co-founder Dr. Suraj Baliga, said, “Family physicians are the very backbone of healthcare requirements of a family. A strong and robust layer of effective primary healthcare landscape will address over 80% of medical issues at the grassroots level.”
  • “This is why primary healthcare is integral to our integrated healthcare vision and mission, and this program will help us upskill our doctors and build a network of practitioners who are competent, compassionate, and confident caregivers,” he added.
  • Read the full announcement here.

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