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Daily Markup #503: Grab drives triple bottom line; Neuron Mobility celebrates ​​Global Road Safety Week; ION Mobility seeks US$15M for expansion

Ching Yee Ho



Credit: Grab

Uplifting people, planet & profit

  • Alongside the launch of its 2021 ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) report, 500-backed Southeast Asia superapp Grab announced three goals to drive sustainable and inclusive growth in the region: (1) doubling the number of marginalized individuals earning income on its platform by 2025, (2) reaching 40% female leadership by 2030, and (3) achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.
  • How does the company plan to achieve these goals? First, it will be launching a regional program aimed at lowering the barriers for marginalized individuals to join the tech company. This includes providing special financial and training.
  • To increase the number of women in leadership roles – currently standing at 34% – Grab will boost its mentorship and leadership programs for women employees.
  • Meanwhile, it is also working with governments and other stakeholders within the ecosystem to drive the adoption of electric vehicles.
  • “Looking ahead, we will be transforming from a double bottom line company to one focused on a triple bottom line, taking into account the importance of the environment and its impact on our communities,” Co-founders Anthony Tan and Hooi Ling Tan said.
  • Read the full announcement here.

Credit: ChronicleLive

Campaigning for safe travels

  • It’s Global Road Safety Week and 500-backed e-scooter startup Neuron Mobility is celebrating with a special campaign from 14-22 May 2022!
  • The company has teamed up with Blind Citizens Australia (BCA), the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), Thomas Pocklington Trust, Councils, national safety partners, and local police forces to promote safer streets.
  • What do these collaborations entail? It will explore community perspectives around e-scooter use and will also highlight the responsible use of e-scooters such as good parking, riding off pavements, and maintaining a safe distance from other road users.
  • Neuron said that this is especially important for the visually-impaired, those with guide dogs, wheelchair users, and the elderly.
  • More details here.

Credit: TechNode Global

Setting the wheels in motion

  • 2020 was a busy year for ION Mobility. It built teams across Singapore, Indonesia, and China amidst the pandemic, raised over US$6.8M, and announced the launch of its EV motorbike for pre-orders in Indonesia later in 2022.
  • Now, it is in the midst of raising a US$15M Series A round and has plans to expand to Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines in 2023.
  • So, why the motorbike out of all other vehicles? “Contrary to popular belief, ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) motorbikes are often responsible for a lot more pollution than cars, emitting up to 16 times more hydrocarbons, three times more carbon monoxide, and other pollutants across their lifespan,” explained Founder & CEO James Chan.
  • “ION Mobility can be in pole position to play a significant role in the reduction of urban air (and noise) pollution, nations’ socio-economic dependency on fuel subsidies, supply chain and industrial development, and a more sustainable socio-economic development centered around cities across Southeast Asia.
  • Read the full interview on TechNode Global.

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