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International Women’s Week 2021

500 Southeast Asia Team



Here at 500, we recognize that diversity and inclusion help to support creativity and innovation: they are an essential ingredient in a successful company. We are committed to encouraging diversity and inclusion in our company, community, and ecosystem.

In our 2020 ESG report, our gender equality numbers for 93 companies that took part are:

  • 38% of the companies have female representation on their board
  • 49% of the companies have women in management positions 
  • 47% of the companies have women in c-suite with ownership 
  • 31% Female Founder representation

In southeast Asia under 500 Durians, 56 women-founded and led companies are paving the way for a better future. Their companies are changing the way we move, live, and interact. We depend on them more than ever to rebuild our shared future.

In lieu of International’s Women’s Day 2021, we are organizing a Clubhouse. It will be featuring female founders and entrepreneurs from SEA. People like Gitta Amelia, CEO Avatar, Anisa Wibi, Co-founder and COO Mycotech, Yazmeen Anshary, Founder & CEO Avant, Cha-Ly Koh, CEO Urban Metry.

You can head over to femalefounders.500.co to read more about our commitment to female founders.

500 Southeast Asia Team