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Daily Markup #635: Laka partnership enables sustainable way for UK cyclists to upgrade their bikes to the latest models, and more from this week

Credit: RideUp

New rides, anytime

  • Flexible mobile phone plans that allow you to upgrade to the latest model exist, so why not make this nifty arrangement available for bicycles too? 
  • RideUp bike subscriptions provide cyclists with an affordable alternative to buying that gives them flexibility on what bike they ride, and how long they ride it. 
  • And get this! A partnership between RideUp and 500-backed insurtech company Laka allows cyclists in the U.K. to get their next road, gravel, or e-bike on a simple monthly subscription that includes insurance from Laka.
  • With new bike models launching every year, cyclists can now experience a wide variety of models without the cost of buying, or the stress of selling. This is especially welcome in this challenging financial climate. You can simply rent any bike and return it when you want to try something new. So, say goodbye to long-term finance plans!
  • RideUp will also recycle the best pre-owned bikes, which are then refurbished, serviced, and made available in the pre-owned bike subscription selection.
  • “Laka enables subscription businesses to offer embedded insurance in keeping with the circular economy, so neither the customer nor the business needs to worry if sh*t happens. Together we can take care of the bad stuff,” said Laka Co-founder & CEO Tobias Taupitz.
  • More details here.

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  • Atomionics wins ~US$330K for Gravio™, a tool that can map the underground, underwater, and space
  • eFishery dips toes into Vietnam, Thailand, and India; aims to make a splash as Indonesia’s next unicorn
  • GoGet launches GoGet Recruit to provide gig workers with more ways to work, live, and succeed on their terms
  • Homage is tackling the age-old problem of healthcare in Asia-Pacific with on-demand caregiving, telemedicine, and more
  • WORQ is offering free co-working passes for Malaysians returning to vote in the upcoming General Election.
  • Transcelestial expanded into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through a partnership with systems integrator LinkQuest FZCO to introduce wireless laser communications to the region.
  • EST Studios announced a partnership with Malaysia’s Jazzy Pictures to represent a pair of horror titles, and has launched sales at the American Film Market.

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