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Daily Markup #634: Homage is tackling the age-old problem of healthcare in Asia-Pacific with on-demand caregiving, telemedicine, and more

Ching Yee Ho



Credit: Homage

Healthcare that begins with a tap of the finger

  • Today, ordering food and performing banking services online is second nature to all of us. In fact, we might even get annoyed if we couldn’t! So, why isn’t it as convenient with healthcare?
  • 500-backed on-demand healthcare company Homage  has been changing that, and Co-founder & CEO Gillian Tee razor-focused on tackling the challenge of keeping up with the demand for care as Asia ages.
  • The company’s platform enables families to hire part-time and full-time caregivers for as little as one hour to flexible prepaid packages of up to 200 hours. The team has also expanded its services to offer telemedicine, medicine delivery, and the sale of medical products. 
  • Not only that, the team can send a caregiver within 2 days, arrange video consultation appointments within 30 minutes, and schedule house calls within a day!
  • This push for digitalized healthcare services is critical as Asia-Pacific is predicted to account for 60% of the world’s over-65 population and will have 250 million diabetics in the next decade.
  • Homage’s numbers speak for themselves too. The company’s expansion into Malaysia in 2018 boosted revenue by 170%. Gillian added that sales more than tripled in 2021, and international revenues grew eightfold in the past 18 months, following another expansion, this time into Australia.
  • Meanwhile, she is throwing just as much weight into incentivizing healthcare professionals to join her team. Through a partnership with an insurtech firm, Homage provides healthcare benefits to all its healthcare professionals and their dependents. During the pandemic, the company launched a fund to provide them with financial support too.
  • “Our care professionals are our main clients,” Gillian explained. “We should take care of them. Why? So that they can take care of other people.”
  • Read the full story on Forbes.

Ching Yee Ho