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Daily Markup #631: Atomionics wins ~US$330K for Gravio™, a tool that can map the underground, underwater, and space

Ching Yee Ho



Credit: DIH

Going where no man has gone

  • Today, let’s head over to the Northern Territory, Australia! Here, the Darwin Innovation Hub (DIH) holds an exciting pitch event that attracts both local and international companies across a range of industries including advanced manufacturing, quantum sensing, robotics and AI, gaming, medical technologies, and sustainable materials.
  • 500-backed Atomionics, a Singapore-based startup that builds quantum sensors for navigation and resource exploration, was one of 8 finalists to compete, and the team went on to win a venture capital investment of AUD 500,000 (~US$330,000)!
  • The judges were impressed by the company’s Gravio, a tool that measures gravity, acceleration, and rotation to build a complete map of the underground, and helps pinpoint underground structures, like bunkers and tunnels, predict earthquakes, provide precise navigation, and build a universal positioning system that works everywhere — underground, underwater, and even in space!
  • Atomionics built Gravioguided by their ethos of “do more with less” — minimizing environmental externality and maximizing resource efficiency — to achieve their ultimate goal of building a complete model of the Earth’s crust. Their technology can do this all above ground, providing accurate data at a high resolution in the shortest time.
  • The team plans to use their funds for paid trials in mine sites across the Territory.
  • Co-founder & CEO Sahil Tapiawala said, “We are very excited to bring the cold atom interferometry technology to the Northern Territory and ensure that the birthplace of the renewable energy revolution is in the Territory. Our technology will provide huge impacts on some of the biggest industries in the NT such as, mining, oil and gas and carbon sequestration.”
  • Congratulations to the Atomionics team!
  • Read the full announcement here.

Ching Yee Ho