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Daily Markup #628: Transcelestial opens world’s largest commercial lasercomm production factory to bring millions of people online annually

Ching Yee Ho



Credit: Transcelestial

The little things that count

  • “Internet penetration won’t be enough to bring everyone online,” said Rohit Jha, Co-Founder & CEO of 500-backed superfast internet startup Transcelestial Technologies.
  • At the heart of the internet distribution problem is the need to provide affordable, high-speed internet to everyone. On a per kilometer basis, Rohit shared that fiber optics can cost between US$10,000 (in rural areas) to US$100,000 (in dense urban areas), making it highly cost-prohibitive for most countries.
  • The team has successfully developed a network device called CENTAURI to enable superfast wireless distribution networks between buildings and other physical infrastructure at a fraction of that cost. Now, they’re all set for its global rollout with the  launch of the Terabit Factory in Singapore, which has the world’s largest commercial laser communications (lasercomm) production capacity!
  • Within this 2,000 sqft facility, Transcelestial has the capacity to manufacture up to 2,400 CENTAURI devices annually. That’s the largest deployment volume of any lasercomms producer globally! And this means the ability to connect tens of millions of users on an annual basis.
  • “This manufacturing capability is not just a Transcelestial milestone — what we’re talking about here is a strategic hub in Singapore that has the potential to exponentially uplift connectivity for entire populations,” said Mohammad Danesh, CTO and Co-Founder of Transcelestial.
  • This is welcome news amid the rising demand for lasercomms technology globally, across telecom, broadband, education, ports and maritime, government, and more.
  • Today, CENTAURI devices are installed in over 10 markets around the world, including Singapore, the United States, Indonesia, India, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Mongolia.
  • The Terabit Factory employs local engineering talent including engineers, interns, and new career professionals from local Singapore universities. The facility is expected to drive more local talent towards advanced manufacturing where they will also have opportunities to learn and contribute alongside global field experts from Transcelestial’s technical team.
  • Congratulations to the Transcelestial team!
  • Learn more about Trancelestial’s Terabit Factory here.

Ching Yee Ho