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Daily Markup #604: Laka teams up with Porsche to launch fair micromobility insurance for cyclists in Germany

Ching Yee Ho




Credit: Laka

Smooth rides have made their way to Germany

  • Cyclists in Germany now get to enjoy Porsche Digital’s beautifully designed e-gravel bikes, Cyklaer, safely with insurance from 500-backed insurtech startup Laka! This milestone follows recent funding from Porsche Ventures, the venture capital unit of Porsche AG.
  • Laka Founder & CEO Tobias Taupitz said, “I’m excited to go back to my roots and launch Laka in Germany, our fifth market. I look forward to providing tech-driven, fairer insurance to individuals and businesses in Germany.”
  • What makes Laka insurance fairer? Riders are charged based on the actual cost of claims submitted in the previous month, passing on savings from fewer claims to customers.
  • “Laka has built on being an award-winning bicycle insurer to now being uniquely positioned as the go-to micromobility insurance provider across Europe,” CMO Kelly Barnes added. “At a time where a shift towards a greener future has never been more important, we’re excited about helping to support further micromobility growth in Germany.”
  • Patrick Huke, head of Porsche Ventures Europe & Israel, commented, “With the investment and partnership, we are pleased to support a strong team that is addressing the global insurance market with a unique, highly adaptable, and digital business model, which focuses above all on the customer experience.”
  • Read the full announcement.

Ching Yee Ho