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Daily Markup #594: abillion is distributing wealth to advocates of sustainability through social media

Ching Yee Ho



Credit: Green is the New Black

Change at your fingertips

  • Plagued by climate anxiety? Want to move the needle, but not quite sure how? Check out 500-backed sustainability company abillion, a platform built to put the power of global change in our hands.
  • The team built an app that helps one eat, shop, and live sustainably — and to make this movement mainstream. abillion started off as a plant-based food review platform. “To date, more than two million reviews have been created, tagging over 140,000 brands in 166 countries. This real-time customer feedback is driving the discovery and growth of plant-based options around the world,” said Founder & CEO Vikas Garg.
  • But he wasn’t happy with just chasing numbers. “Something has begun to eat at me,” he confessed. “The disparity of ownership and control between the technology industry and the people responsible for driving their businesses to success.”
  • This spurred him to launch the Community Equity Program. For the past 3 years, every review on the app earned users US$1 which they can choose to donate to any of abillion’s partner charities. Under this program, they also have the choice to take shares in the company!
  • “To be a truly sustainable company, we must nurture our community,” Vikas explained. “So that’s why we’re the first and only social media platform in the world where our community is given a stake in the future we’re all working so hard together to create.”
  • “I hope that in the years to come we show the world that it’s possible to build a successful technology company that’s driven by shared values and a mission to spread compassion around the world,” he concluded.
  • Learn more from Vikas here.

Ching Yee Ho