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Daily Markup #569: Grab acquires MOVE IT to provide safer mobility & new income opportunities in the Philippines

Ching Yee Ho




Credit: Grab

Better commutes for Filipinos

  • As we ease into our post-pandemic life, commuting is becoming a regular part of our daily activities again. That’s why 500-backed superapp Grab has made it their mission to provide safe and reliable mobility services for Filipinos.
  • The company acquired MOVE IT, an e-hailing app, to scale its existing motorcycle taxi fleet and improve the efficiency of its platform to help serve more commuters.
  • What’s more? This move will create at least 6,000 meaningful income opportunities for more driver-partners within 3 months.
  • Grab Philippines will also elevate the fleet’s safety and service quality standards to be at par with Grab’s motorcycle taxi services across Southeast Asia.
  • Grab Philippines Country Head Grace Vera Cruz said, “As we turn a new chapter for our country, Grab Philippines will continue to play an active role in bringing forward the spirit of bayanihan (a spirit of civic unity and cooperation) and value-creation – and this milestone that we humbly share with MOVE IT clearly expresses that.”
  • “As one of the first tech platforms that firmly believed in the potential and value of the Philippine market ten years ago, we’re doubling down on our commitment to outserve the needs of the Filipino people, and we are optimistic that through MOVE IT, we will create more livelihood opportunities, spur greater economic activity, and help improve every Filipino’s daily commute,” she added.
  • Read the full announcement here.

Ching Yee Ho