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Daily Markup #564: Clinikk provides zero-cost medical care; Homage makes caring for loved ones easier; Koo fights air pollution

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Credit: The Economic Times

Making healthcare a human right

  • The fear of not being able to afford healthcare services shouldn’t be a thing. That’s why 500-backed healthtech startup Clinikk launched inclusive health subscriptions that aim to bring medical costs to zero!
  • Clinikk subscribers can walk into any of the 18 Clinikk Health Hubs and benefit from unlimited, high-quality medical care, including cashless hospitalization insurance cover, at an affordable monthly subscription fee. The company’s ultimate goal is to transform healthcare and create health equity for 600 million Indians.
  • Subscribers get access to 24-hour support virtually or through the tech-enabled centers. They are also eligible for free diagnostics and medication prescribed by the doctors.
  • “Health protection in India is a product problem because it only focuses on catastrophic medical expenses arising from hospitalization, but not on the recurring day-to-day medical expenses like consulting with a doctor, or getting blood work done,” said Bhavjot Kaur, Co-founder & CEO. “Recurring medical expenses are equally impoverishing and therefore a holistic health plan needs to provide financial protection for both catastrophic as well as recurring health problems,” she added.
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Credit: Gillian Tee

A lifeline for loved ones

  • “In today’s day and age where we have so many tools at our disposal, why are there still so many pain points experienced in navigating care services?” asked Gillian Tee. “The administration and coordination of logistical aspects can be highly stressful to primary carers who are often family members.”
  • When Gillian’s mother started feeling sick and needed a caregiver, she gave up a startup she co-founded in the US, which attracted funding from the likes of Google and Bessemer Ventures, to return to Singapore. That’s when she discovered how difficult it was to access care services for the elderly.
  • The entrepreneur in Gillian drove her to establish 500-backed healthtech startup Homage, which aims to help families access caregiving services for aging loved ones.
  • Today, with just the touch of a button, anyone can book, manage and pay for these services, all through a mobile app.
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Credit: Zoya Loonohod on Unsplash

A news feed that matters

  • Can social media contribute to a better world? 500-backed multilingual platform Koo is doing work that proves it can!
  • Koo has partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-Delhi) to create awareness about air pollution and the need to build a cleaner environment.
  • IIT-Delhi, along with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), deployed sensors across multiple locations in the country to track air pollution levels.
  • The partnership with Koo will help boost pollution-related content in indigenous languages, bringing environmental education to a wider and more diverse audience.
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