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Daily Markup #525: Pomelo makes sustainability fashionable; Cargobase seizes the ‘Mexican Momentum’; Aliena wins space propulsion contest

Ching Yee Ho



Credit: Pomelo

Making eco-consciousness fashionable

  • 500-backed Pomelo wants to normalize sustainable initiatives in fashion. And change the perception that you can’t be both eco-friendly and on-trend.
  • The fashion tech company has been on the path to sustainability for years, but its commitment has been strengthened with the appointment of Kevalin Athayu as theirnew Vice President & Head of Sustainability, as well as the launch of its Sustainable Edit line.
  • Today, 30% of their collections are made with sustainable materials and practices, and Pomelo aims to increase its sustainable products portfolio to 40% in 2022.
  • With tech added to the mix, the company can create the right products for the right customers and even share data & insights with industry partners to help them scale and incorporate sustainability in their own businesses.
  • Learn more from Co-founder & CEO David Jou here.

Credit: Cargobase

An opportunity to deliver

  • The ‘Mexican Momentum’ has begun, and 500-backed logistics tech platform Cargobase is rolling along. The team has expanded its footprint in North America with the opening of its first office in Mexico!
  • The company chose Santa Fe to set up its basecamp to serve regional and local customers, revealing that one of the motivating factors is the great source of talent from local universities.
  • “As part of a new generation of logistics tech companies with a focus on automation and globalization, our presence in Mexico facilitates us working alongside our customers to improve our offering and ensure our customers’ continued success,” said Founder & CEO Wiebe Helder.
  • “The pool of talent here is amazing and has the energy we as a scale-up need to grow,” he added. 
  • Congratulations to the Cargobase team!
  • Read the full announcement here.

Credit: George-Cristian Potrivitu from Aliena

Shooting for the stars

  • Gaining recognition for an out-of-this-world tech: 500-backed spacetech startup Aliena won the first prize at the Space Propulsion Conference Startup Contest held in Portugal!
  • The Singapore-based company was honored in the Launch (Young & Visionary) category by a panel of investors and experts in spacecraft propulsion from all around the world.
  • “This award confirms that Aliena has a strong technology entitlement in the field of spacecraft electric propulsion as a prime provider of Hall effect propulsion systems for small satellites, and supports our ambitions to expand into the Earth Observation service market by flying microsatellites equipped with our plasma propulsion systems in very low Earth orbits in the future,” said George-Cristian Potrivitu, Co-founder & CTO.
  • Congratulations to the Aliena team!

Ching Yee Ho