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Daily Markup #522: YAS protects new lifestyles against new risks; Laka protects cargo bikers in Europe; ION Mobility goes beyond saving the world

Ching Yee Ho



Credit: TechNode Global

New lifestyles, new insurance

  • Artificial intelligence, DeFi, and web3 are shaping the future of society, enabling new opportunities while creating unique risks. How can we protect ourselves against the unknown? 500-backed YAS MicroInsurance (YAS) is addressing this by joining forces with Amodo, a Croatia-based telematics insurtech company, to deliver autonomous insurance on-chain for smart cities.
  • YAS currently provides coverage for new generation lifestyles, encompassing outdoor sports, online commerce, public commute, and the world’s first non-fungible token (NFT) insurance.
  • These protections will be further enhanced by Amodo’s deep data insights to allow insurance companies to create hyper-personalized usage-based insurance (UBI) products.
  • “YAS will take this partnership forward to produce machine-to-machine and human-to-machine protection, preparing global users for the interconnected future of smarter and greener cities,” shared YAS Co-founder William Lee.
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Credit: BikeBiz

Unlocking protection for cargo bikes

  • Dockr may be new for those of us living in Asia, but over in Europe, thousands across Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands use their cargo bikes; 500-backed insurtech startup Laka has decided to partner Dockr to unlock a modern and flexible insurance model for cargo bikers.
  • Dockr’s riders now have access to Laka’s flexible insurance contracts that allow them to change their policy terms daily.
  • Laka CEO Tobias Taupitz said, “We listened to clients’ pain points with traditional insurance to develop a product that challenges the outdated insurance model. Laka provides tech-driven flexible policies to better suit their needs; whether they are a global company or a fast-growing and fast-changing startup.”
  • Laka’s commercial client list also includes Decathlon, Randstad, EAV, Zapp, and Santis Global.
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Credit: The Peak

A vehicle that transcends boundaries

  • Some say he’s crazy, but Founder & CEO of 500-backed ION Mobility, James Chan remains steadfast with his goal for innovative mobility. “We’re taking steps to build an integrated and single ASEAN economic community that unites through collaboration, by focusing on synergies rather than differences,” he said.
  • James is doing this by joining hands with Jakarta, Shenzhen, and future offices throughout Southeast Asia.
  • ION Mobius, the company’s flagship electric motorbike, will launch in Indonesia first. And why not? Indonesia is home to the largest population of motorbikes in the region. Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines are next.
  • It’ll be more than just a mode of transport. The ION Mobius connects directly to the Internet and riders can review ride data, assess riding style, and even locate the bike. In the company’s words, it embodies “both sleekness and strength, while keeping it nimble and zippy, making it perfect for urban commutes.”
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