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Daily Markup #483: Aliena supports environmental protection; ESPL levels up the gaming experience with NFTs; SOLS Energy empowers indigenous lives

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Credit: Singapore Global Network

Big dreams for tiny satellites

  • Size matters, especially when you’re in space. Satellites are getting smaller not just to make space for critical instruments, but also to lower cost and increase accessibility to spacetech.
  • Why is this important? According to 500-backed Aliena, high-quality imagery can currently only be obtained via bulky and expensive satellites, but this is prohibitive for  emerging economies.
  • George-Cristian Potrivitu, Co-founder and CTO of the startup said there is great demand for such images in sectors such as energy, aviation, agriculture, emergency response, and urban development.
  • Aliena hopes to partner nations concerned about environmental protection. “The tropical region is rich in natural resources and fragile ecosystems,” George explained, “And so the question is: How can developing nations grow sustainably? I believe the solution lies in affordable access to powerful satellite data that can monitor effects on the environment and tackle challenges such as water and food security and climate change.”
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Credit: Tezos on Unsplash

Switching to metaverse mode

  • Gamers, you’ll love this! Following the announcement of its collaboration with gaming guild Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA), 500-backed Esports Players League (ESPL) has entered crypto gaming through the partnership.
  • ESPL seeks to generate over 300,000 gamers in the crypto space by organizing tournaments involving metaverse and NFT games. The startup will also launch NFTs and cryptocurrency projects.
  • CEO Daryl Teo shared that with Web 3.0 on its way, more ESPL development and tournaments can be held in the metaverse with rewards and prizes distributed immediately upon completion.
  • Datuk Azrin Mohd Noor, Founder and Managing Director of ESPL’s parent company, Sedania, shared the importance of exploring the viability of cutting-edge technologies critical to the metaverse, adding that it would help create a “more exciting gaming experience for players.”
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Rays of hope for all

  • The lives of Indigenous communities in Malaysia will soon be lit up with clean and free energy, thanks to a collaboration between 500-backed SOLS Energy, SOLS 24/7 Malaysia, and PETRONAS.
  • The pilot run for this rural electrification project was just completed, with 90 households, 2 community halls, and 4 community-based centers powered by solar.
  • The partnership hopes to help children study better at night and empower adults to earn an income from home-based work such as handicrafts.
  • Meanwhile, selected community centers such as orphanages and nursing homes will be able to save on power, which accounts for the majority of their monthly expenses.
  • The project will continue until 2025 with the aim of reaching out to about 450 indigenous houses and 83 community-based centers across the country.
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