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Daily Markup #480: Gilmour Space builds smart microsatellite; Una Brands invests US$100M in Aussie retailers; Escavox intelligence stops disruptions

Ching Yee Ho



Credit: LatConnect 60

Teamwork makes the dream work

  • Two Australian companies teamed up to build and launch a smart microsatellite, the first of a planned constellation for high-resolution Earth observation.
  • Dubbed HyperSight 60, the collaboration brings together 500-backed rocket startup Gilmour Space and LatConnect 60 (LC60), which will utilize its AI and high-resolution imaging capabilities.
  • Under the agreement, Gilmour Space will develop the first 100-kilogram HyperSight 60 satellite which will be launched on its Eris rocket.
  • The smart satellite will use hyperspectral imagery to deliver data insights for agriculture, forestry, environments, mineral, maritime, and defence applications, which, according to LC60, is currently not possible with other commercial remote sensing systems.
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Credit: Una Brands

Kangaroos aren’t the only ones hopping

  • Speaking of Australian companies, 500-backed e-commerce aggregator Una Brands is on the hunt for more after acquiring 30 brands since its launch in March 2021.
  • The startup set aside US$100 million to invest in Australian online retailers over the next two years to help local brands hop into new markets and achieve their full potential.
  • To date, it has supercharged the expansion of period care brand Juju, and a Melbourne-based clock company, building a sizable customer base outside of Australia.
  • Its ultimate mission? To shape the future of e-commerce by acquiring great brands and growing them into global, well-loved, and enduring household names.
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Credit: AgTech Finder

Putting a stop to disruption

  • The logistics and shipping industry is under unpredictable cost surges and supply chain disruptions. CEO Luke Wood of 500-backed supply chain intelligence startup Escavox believes the road to recovery is still long.
  • “The future of supply chains is data-rich and led by people and technologies that can translate data into outcomes to meet an objective rapidly. We will see more automation in some areas and an investment in education,” he said in an interview.
  • The Escavox platform is one such technology, offering real-time data on shipments of fresh produce. This allows operational managers to make timely, informed decisions.
  • Regardless of business size, a well-managed supply chain is “mission critical”, he added.
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Ching Yee Ho