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Daily Markup #471: Top stories in March on funds raised for spacetech, fintech, e-commerce, International Women’s Day, and more

500-backed startups are out of this world – literally! Singapore’s Aliena is raising US$10 million to develop a first-of-its-kind satellite to provide higher resolution images of Earth for analysis, while a Gilmour Space-led consortium lands an astronomical US$39 million grant to put Australian-made satellites in space.

Keep reading for 500-backed female founders in the news, and gain new insights on the future of venture and Web3 for female investors and founders from our very own International Women’s Day panel discussion featuring Ee Ling Lim, Executive Director of Global Programs at 500 Global, and Dana von der Heide, Founder & CCO of Parcel Perform.

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March is also the month to celebrate leaders who #breakthebias through what they do every single day! Some of our female founders are leading the charge and these stories tell more.

Just in case you missed it, catch our IWD panel discussion on ‘The Future of Venture & Web3 for Female Investors & Founders’ below:

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