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Daily Markup #410: eFishery served 29,500+ Indonesian fish farmers in 2021; Boxgreen contributed over US$70K to inclusive employment; MHub records 2.7x more loans facilitated in 2021

Ching Yee Ho



Credit: eFishery

A great harvest

  • 500-backed aquaculture startup eFishery claims to have grown its business 8x in 2021, with its ecosystem reaching 29,500 farmers in Indonesia.
  • Last year, over 26,000 tonnes of feed was distributed via more than 170 eFisheryPoints in 250 cities and districts in the country. eFisheryPoints are hubs where fish farmers can purchase eFishery products, sell their fish, or participate in other engagement activities.
  • More than 7,000 fish farmers gained access to capital, with over US$28 billion of financing disbursed to fund farmers’ businesses.

Credit: DBS

Good food

  • Another 500-backed startup that recorded a productive year is healthy snack startup Boxgreen. It won the Best Small Workplaces Award by Great Place to Work and ventured into plant-based snacks with its Crunchies series.
  • According to Boxgreen, it contributed ~US$23,000 via its collaboration with The Social Kitchen in helping underprivileged communities gain employment.
  • It also added that it channeled over US$50,000 through its partnership with The Yellow Ribbon Project, training 103 ex-offenders in enhancing their skills.

Credit: MHub

A home run

  • Last year, 500-backed proptech startup MHub claims to have transacted over US$1.5 billion worth of properties on its platform – a 1.4x increase from 2020.
  • MHub is an end-to-end property platform designed to speed up and simplify the property sales cycle by connecting developers, agents, banks, lawyers, and buyers.
  • A total of 12,000 units were transacted, a 1.5x increase from the previous year. It also claims to have facilitated 10,000 loans, a 2.7x jump from 2020.
  • Within the span of one year, the startup onboarded 450 new projects and 40 new developers onto its platform.

Ching Yee Ho